CES 2015: The upcoming Anova Touch sous vide cooker will come with WiFi

Never mind slow cookers, before long sous vide could be the most popular effortless way to cook. Fans say it results in tastier meals and that overcooking is never an issue, making it pretty much foolproof.

And sous vide device manufacturer Anova wants to make it even better, with its sous vide cooker with WiFi, Anova Touch, which was announced at CES this week. It will allow users to set start and finish times remotely from their phone, and even adjust the temperature while something’s cooking, for example, if you’re going to arrive home later than you’d planned. The associated app includes recipes, too.

The company previously made a Bluetooth-enabled immersion device thanks to a Kickstarter campaign. There isn’t a working prototype of the Touch yet and it won’t be available to buy until later in the year. When it is, though, (admittedly biased) Anova rep Michael Tankenoff told Mashable it will be the ‘best sous vide cooker for the home cook’.

No news yet on price but its current models for the home market, the Anova Precision Cooker (pictured) and Anova One are $179 (£118) and $199 (£131) respectively.

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Diane Shipley