CES 2015: Gibson Trainer headphones are the over-ears keeping runners safe

When we think of headphones for running in, we’d never go for over-ears. Just thinking of how much we’d sweat makes us, well, sweat. However, there are obviously still those who prefer over-ear headphones, and Gibson is aiming to satisfy those individuals’ needs with these new Trainer headphones.

Announced at CES, these Trainer headphones, made in partnership with everyone’s favourite runner Usain Bolt, have been given some features really useful for runners, including embedded LED lights, named NightNav, for making sure runners are more visible when jogging at night.

The Trainer wireless headphones also feature SafeSound, which are the 40mm open-acoustic drivers, Gibson claims offer ‘pumping beats and bass’, as well as 10 hours of battery life

In keeping with the runner theme, these headphones also have an Aeroflex design, which allows users to switch them into a mode more conducive to use during strenuous activity, while CoolTouch refers to the NASA space technology fabric that Gibson chose for the cushions. There’s also Phase Change Materials for both absorbing and releasing heat, so you shouldn’t sweat as much as you would with normal over-ears, along with a WeatherSeal, that keeps the device safe from moisture.

The Gibson Trainer headphones will be available to buy in April for $239.

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Hayley Minn