You can have a second display on your iPhone with the popSLATE case

There aren’t many phones on the market with a second display these days, but what if you really want one to make life a little bit easier? Thankfully iPhone owners can do that by buying their phone a special case.

The popSLATE case is available for any iPhone 5, 5S, or 6 and sticks an e-paper screen onto the back of your phone. Once switched on, it connects to your phone via Bluetooth and apps can send images across to be put on display. That includes the likes of maps, calendars, digital tickets, regular images, and so on.

The fact that the screen uses e-paper means that it uses very little power to run, so you can have an image (say a map) permanently on display without having to open up your iPhone’s main screen and drain its battery. The e-paper also means that it’s easily visible, regardless of the lighting situation.

From what I can see on the popSLATE website, it’s not clear whether it has its own built-in battery, or if it’s powered by the phone you attach it to. While I’m assuming it will be the former, the low-energy e-paper screen will mean it’s not going to be that much of an issue either way.

If having a second iPhone display is something you’re interested in, you can order a popSLATE case right now for $149 (£98, including UK shipping).

Tom Pritchard

One thought on “You can have a second display on your iPhone with the popSLATE case

  • Actually the PopSlate guys took everyone’s money over two years ago and STILL have not delivered a single product to anyone! Only a fool would give them any of their money now, considering that they have zero communication about when they will actually ship and have just been lying to everyone the entire time. Buyer beware.

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