10 bits of kit you need for your next home workout #HealthAndFitnessWeek

Let’s face it! No matter how good your intentions are, it’s incredibly hard to get yourself out of the house and down to the gym, especially when you’ve had a long day at work. It’s also extremely expensive. £45 a month for something you’ll end up going to once a week, if that? No thanks!

The good news is that there’s so much equipment available to buy for your house that could turn your bedroom into a gym, meaning you’ll never need to go far to burn calories again! Plus, if you’ve just paid for the equipment the one time, you won’t feel guilty about not using it, while money’s just aimlessly coming out your account every month.

We’ve chosen our 10 favourite pieces of equipment for you to start getting fit at home. Just make sure you motivate yourself to actually do some exercise, and don’t forget to warm-up and stretch!

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1) Youtube

No in-home workout is complete without Youtube, nowadays. There are SO many channels dedicated to workouts for you to do directly from your bedroom. From personal trainers to people who are just passionate about exercise, there are so many to choose from, and they mean that you don’t have to struggle on figuring out what to do with your equipment.

If you need help finding some great workout Youtube channels, we’ve already done all the hard work and chosen our 10 favourites here.

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Hayley Minn

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