The ZX Spectrum could be coming back, all thanks to crowdfunding

Back in the 80s, the ZX Spectrum was a big deal. It was the first mainstream home computer in the UK, with over five million units sold. Not just that, over 24,000 pieces of software were developed for the machine, with 100 being developed in 2012 alone. Now thanks to the magical powers of crowdfunding, the ZX Spectrum is hoping to make a return.

The new model is called the Sinclair Spectrum Vega and it’s being made by Retro Computers Ltd, a Luton based start-up that is part owned by Spectrum Research Ltd — the company owned by original Spectrum creator Sir Clive Sinclair.

Contributing £100 to the Indiegogo campaign will get you one of the new models for yourself sometime in April. The Vega will plug straight into any TV, comes with 1,000 games built-in, and is compatible with the 14,000 games that were released while the original ZX Spectrum was on sale. Those extra games can be downloaded free of charge.

There is already a fully functional prototype Vega, with the aim of the £100,000 campaign being to fund production of the initial 1,000 unit production run and prepare Retro Computers for the second production run of 3,000 units. You might be pleased to know that this isn’t being done for profit either, and any profits or royalties will be donated to Great Ormond Street children’s hospital.

Tom Pritchard