Sony’s new display module can make any pair of glasses more like Google Glass

Smartglasses have been around for a little while now, but they have yet to really take off with consumers. Price aside, the main issue a lot of people will have is that they’re not really compatible existing pairs of glasses. The new offering from Sony is different.

The new ‘display module’ is completely detachable, meaning you can stick it on any pair of glasses you like without any issues. It’s got Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a camera, and a 600 x 480 OLED display that sits in front of your eye.

Sony envisions a number of different applications for the module itself, including work, sport, and entertainment — which is why it’s going to send software development kits to its ‘partner organisations’. Sadly we don’t have any information on who they might be, or what software they might come up with.

In all honesty, though, the fact that it can be clipped onto any pair of glasses is pretty a big deal. If you want to wear a set of prescription lenses with Google Glass you actually have to go out and buy a pair of compatible glasses from Google for £175. You don’t even get much choice in the design of the frames either.

We’ve got no word on price or release date, but Sony did reveal that the as-of-yet-unnamed display module will be going into mass production next year, and will be on display at CES from the 6th January. Presumably they’ll be getting shown off alongside Sony’s Augmented Reality glasses that are due for release in March.

Tom Pritchard

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