One-click ordering might come to Google Shopping

One of the useful features Amazon has is the one-click ordering button, which bypasses all the hassle of going through all the pesky confirmation menus. A new report claims that a similar feature could be coming to Google’s ‘Shopping’ tab.

The report comes from the Wall Street Journal, who claims that Google is trying to implement the feature. This doesn’t mean Google is entering the world of e-commerce, because it will not be selling the products directly. This means that implementing the button will require the search giant to form partnerships with other retailers in order for it to work.

Talks with retailers are apparently in preliminary stages, and have reportedly involved Google trying to encourage retailers to offer two-day shipping in order to compete with Amazon Prime. Of course two-day shipping is a perk for Amazon Prime in the US, so if one-click ordering came to Google Shopping in the UK retailers might have to up their game and offer next day shipping if they want to compete.

It is very early days right now, and it could be that one-click ordering never comes to Google Shopping at all. It would certainly be a handy feature to have though, especially if it means we get to see listings that consist of something other than expired eBay auctions.

Tom Pritchard