LG could be releasing a 4G smartwatch next year

We’ve started seeing 3G-enabled smartwatches with the things like the Samsung Gear S, but the latest rumours suggest that we could be seeing a 4G smartwatch from LG sometime in the first half of next year.

Rumours suggest that it will be a successor to the G Watch R, coming with the same circular watch face that made the original so popular. Sources also told Business Korea that LG will be unveiling the new watch at Mobile World Congress in March.

The only concern is that a lot of smartwatches suffer from poor battery life already, and 4G isn’t going to help matters. 4G is great and everything, but it’s worthless if the watch doesn’t last through an entire day.

How much difference 4G will make to such a small device is unclear, and since we don’t know anything else about the watch we can’t know for sure. Maybe we’ll be able to stream 4K Netflix on our wrists? That would definitely be interesting.

Tom Pritchard

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