Lenovo’s next phone could last 46 days on a single charge

Some of us will remember the good old days of the dumbphone. The days when we could forget to plug our phone into charge for days at a time and not suffer the consequences. These days some smartphones can’t even go 24 hours without being put on life support, something that does not fly with Lenovo.

Rumour has it that Lenovo’s next P70t mobile will have a 4,000 mAh battery, and will be able to last 46 days on a single charge. Before you get all excited though, be aware that this isn’t an official statistic from Lenovo just yet, and even if it was it’s only the standby time.

But consider the Xperia Z3. The Z3 has a 2,800 mAh battery life, and Sony claims a single charge will give the phone enough juice for two days of regular use. The official statistics claim that the Z3 can last up to 37 days in standby mode, so if Lenovo releases a phone that lasts nine days longer on standby then hopefully it’ll last more than two days of regular use.

So how’s this going to happen? Well according to Gizmochina, the source of these rumours, the phone will include advanced power saving tech that will shut down all your background apps when you lock your phone — preventing them from slowly draining power from your battery. That sounds great in theory, but it would be interesting to see how Lenovo will differentiate between apps that are a waste of power and apps that you actually want running in the background. Things like reminders, or email.

Most importantly is one little feature that is becoming less and less common: the phone will apparently come with a removable battery. So even if you decide to go on a weeks long trek in the wilderness with no access to a power socket, you’ll always be able to keep the phone working.

As I said, it’s just a rumour for now but I hope it’s true. Battery life is incredibly important, more important than having something frivolous like a 4K display. Lenovo already has a good track record with releasing phones with high capacity batteries, so if its going to lead the charge of longer lasting smartphones they have my support.

Tom Pritchard