Couch potatoes rejoice! Soon you’ll be able to control Netflix with Android Wear

We all love Netflix so very much, but isn’t it a pain when you have to move around to change what’s happening on screen? Remotes exist, but they have a tendency to vanish or take an expedition to the back of the sofa. Why not make controlling Netflix even more convenient by doing it from your watch?

Ok it’s not going to work on your TV, but soon you’ll be able to control the Netflix Android app from your wrist. According to Netflix itself, you’ll be able to control what to watch, see more details on your favourite shows, as well as the basics like pausing, rewinding, and fast forwarding.

What you won’t be able to do, however, is watch Netflix on the watch itself. Not only would that be rather a daft thing to try and do, your arm would probably get rather tired in the process.

According to The Verge that update isn’t here yet, which is a massive shame. Why must you tease us like this Netflix?

To try and tide you over, the latest Netflix update does have something of use: it brings Netflix’s social recommendations to Android Wear. This means you can use your watch send and receive recommendations about the best Netflix content with minimal effort, as well as sending thank you messages to people who recommend something good.

Featured image: Android Wear – Netflix Remote by Jimmy Lee Skrufve via Dribbble

Tom Pritchard