10 best apps for saving money over Christmas

As much as Christmas is the most exciting time of year, it’s also the most expensive. From buying all of the food to all of the presents to all of the travel, you end up spending all of the money every year.

With so many apps available to help you save your pennies, there’s no need for you to be miserable and skint throughout January. We’ve got you our top 10 favourite apps to help you save money rather than splurge this Christmas.

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1) SalesGossip

SalesGossip aggregates every fashion and beauty promotion online and on the high street, meaning you can find discounts on the go, who stocks the product you’re looking for and get directions either by foot or car, as well as check-in for exclusive in-store promotions, including free coffees and free personal stylist sessions.

One of many apps using the ‘Tinder’ design, SalesGossip lets you swipe left to see more of what you like and right to see less of what you don’t. This makes sure that the brands and promotions you see in future will be tailored to your preferences.

For Christmas presents, the search by product category is great. If you know what you need but have no idea where to get it from, you can filter to find promotions by product category and price range, meaning you don’t go over your budget either.

Currently only available on iOS, the SalesGossip app is available to download from the App Store.

Hayley Minn