The Xperia Z4 may have an extra impressive camera

We’ve already heard rumours that the Xperia Z4 could have some rather impressive and powerful hardware inside it, but now a new rumour is coming out of China that suggests the phone could have one seriously impressive camera thrown into the mix as well.

According to Chinese website CNBeta, the camera will come with an IMX189AEG CMOS image sensor. If we are to believe what the leak says, this could be the world’s first high-speed and high-sensitivity CMOS image sensor with active colour sampling.

According to the leak the sensor will allow the Z4 to record video in 2K and 4K, just like the Xperia Z3. The difference being that the leak claims the Z4 will be able to record 2K video at an obscenely high 16,000 frames per second, and 4K at 240 frames per second. This would make video capture much faster and smoother than Sony’s current flagship.

This is just a rumour for the time being, but if the Z4 does come with this sensor alongside the 64-bit 2.8GHz octa-core processor, 5.5-inch QHD display, and 4GB of RAM, then we are looking at one seriously impressive piece of kit.

Tom Pritchard