Users in the UK now get more control over the Facebook ads they see

A little while back (better known as June) Facebook decided it was going to let users in the US have a bit more control over what sort of advertising content they see in their timelines. Now that feature is being extended to other countries across the globe, including the UK.

So what exactly is this new tool and what does it mean? Simply put, it’s a way for Facebook to explain why you’re seeing specific adverts, dismissing adverts you feel aren’t relevant to you, or, if you’re a bit weird, you can tell Facebook you like certain adverts and would like to see more like. Honestly though, who actually likes adverts?

If you take advantage of this new system it will mean that the adverts you see when you use Facebook are going to be more relevant to you since the company’s algorithms don’t have to try and guess what you want to see. The obvious drawback is that you will be telling Facebook your likes and dislikes, and it’s bound to be keeping a record of that in future to try and get you to click more adverts and earn them more money.

If you’re fine with Facebook knowing that, or you just don’t care, then knock yourself out. If you’re not then don’t say we didn’t warn you. If you want to know a little bit more you can check out the video below.

Tom Pritchard