Sweet tweets: what got Twitter laughing in 2014

Another year, another 200 billion tweets. How’s a girl to sort the wheat from the chaff?

For everything mildly amusing that happens in the world – no matter how minor – someone, somewhere, is tweeting about it. Nothing is too ridiculous: copyright issues over a selfie – taken by a monkey? Tick. Patronising woman on television ad? You betcha. Giant octopus in the middle of Oxford Circus? Yup.

Even serious events can throw up the silliest of things for people to comment on. Never mind his presidential address; it was President Obama’s sartorial choices that caused an online explosion back in August, as people leapt in to voice an opinion on his tan-coloured suit. Such was the controversy, the infamous suit even spawned its very own Twitter accounts.

Evidently, there is no set formula for what constitutes a LOL-worthy event. The infamous Oscars selfie, while not exactly funny, was most definitely FUN, and was shared more than any other in Twitter’s history. Some funny occurrences had a crueller twist: Donald Trump fell into a trap when he retweeted a photo of serial killers Fred and Rose West, thinking he was being kind. Now he’s planning to sue. Oops.

Meanwhile, the Queen’s first ever tweet was met with virtual squeals of delight, and members of the Benedict Cumberbatch fan clan howled collectively into their keyboards upon finding out their favourite batch-elor is no longer available. Then there’s poor old John Lewis, a man from Virginia, who just happens to own the @johnlewis Twitter handle – and has been bombarded with praise from Brits as they fall in love with Monty the Penguin.

Funny events, coincidences – they can’t be predicted. Who knows what Twitter will latch onto in 2015? But what we do know is that those with a penchant for quipping witty tweets can make our day. We can guarantee these ladies will manage to put a smile on your face, or at the very least they’ll have you reaching for the retweet button. The Shiny Shiny Awards for the Funniest Woman on Twitter are officially OPEN, and can be viewed and voted for HERE. A round of applause please…

Main image: marek.sotak at Flickrcc

Sadie Hale

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