Pure announces new Bluetooth speaker, the Voca

Pure has announced the latest addition to its wireless audio line with Voca, a fully portable and rechargeable Bluetooth speaker.

The Voca enables users to stream music wherever they go, whether around the home, or out and about, and, according to Pure, the small speaker has been hand tuned by Pure’s audio engineers to produce a clear and big stereo sound, as well as a bass boost, but only time will tell if these bold claims are true.

The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to play music from your phone, or tablet, from up to 10m away, and there’s still an auxiliary input in the Voca too, that can be used if you don’t own a device with Bluetooth.

Pure says the sleek exterior is “hard wearing” so it should be able to withstand the inevitable travelling that a Bluetooth speaker can look forward to in its life. The battery is fully rechargeable, and Pure claims that the Voca can keep playing music for up to 10 hours before running out of juice.

Nick Hucker, senior director of global sales and marketing at Pure, said: ‘With the increasing popularity of audio streaming services, people want their music delivered to them on the go.

‘We wanted to bring the quality associated with a home hi-fi system to a more compact form factor that fits in with the way people live their lives, which is why the Voca delivers the convenience of portable wireless streaming, with superior sound and great design.’

The new Voca is available from John Lewis and Currys for £99.99.

Hayley Minn