O2’s Gift Hacker lets you crowdfund your Christmas presents

We all face that obvious Christmas dilemma when we’re telling our relatives what we want. Do we ask for a bunch of stuff we don’t really need that’s cheap, or do you risk being cheeky and ask for something more expensive that we would really love?

It’s a serious issue, and O2 appears to have a solution to that problem in the form of Gift Hacker. Provided you really like headphones and speakers that is.

Gift Hacker is fairly simple, you select one of the gifts from O2’s not-so-extensive list, fill in your details, and you’re given a link to share with your friends and family so they can contribute some money towards that dream pair of Beats headphones you’ve always wanted.

It’s a very nice idea, but I certainly wouldn’t completely rely on this instead of a regular Christmas list. For starters the gift list is a rather limited selection and, aside from a Sony fitness tracker and a waterproof Go-Pro-esque video camera, it’s all headphones and speakers. Plus, what happens if you don’t reach the amount needed to receive the gift you chose? Do you just not get a present? That would be a serious downer on Christmas morning.

Just remember, you only have seven days to generate enough money to get the gift you selected so make sure you stress the urgency to everyone.

Tom Pritchard