O2 lets you share mobile internet with your family

There are a number of services out there that let people share a single subscription with members of their family. Amazon, Xbox Live, Spotify, and Office 365 to name just a few, and now O2 have joined the fray.

Provided you have an O2 Refresh tariff, you can now share your mobile data allowance across 10 different devices with multiple people. It’ll work as long as you have an allowance of 1GB or more, and it will cost £6 to add each additional SIM onto the plan. That prices goes up to £15 if you want to throw unlimited texts and minutes in as well.

That might seem like a lot to pay, especially since O2 currently offers a £13 a month deal that gives you unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and 500MB of data. The convenience factor does play a part, however, since sharing a tariff means you only have to keep track of one account. That’s perfect if you have a bunch of different devices and don’t want to have a separate data plan for each one, or want to monitor your kids’ mobile internet usage. Monitoring data usage is the same as with existing plans: just check the My O2 app to see how much you all have left. O2 will also send you a text warning you when you’ve used up 80% of your allowance.

Vodafone and EE already offer similar deals, but it’s always good to see networks giving you more options for your money.

Tom Pritchard