Nokia might be building an Android flagship

The name Nokia is now associated with Microsoft and the Windows Phone brand, but the Finnish company still exists and it’s rumoured to be working on re-entering the smartphone market with another Android phone.

CEO Rajeev Suri strongly hinted that the phone was in development, and reports state that it is being designed by the same team who created the Nokia N9 back in 2011.

It is interesting that Nokia would be going with Android, rather than Windows Phone, but considering it released the Nokia X back in July it’s not too far fetched.

When Microsoft bought Nokia’s devices division earlier this year it also bought an 18-month licence to use the Nokia name on smartphones. This means that in about a year’s time Nokia can release smartphones under its own name, possibly sooner if Microsoft’s re-branding process goes off without a hitch.

We don’t know anything else at the moment, heck we don’t even know if the rumour is true. In any case, we’ll keep you updated if we hear more.

Tom Pritchard