This is Microsoft’s first post-Nokia smartphone, the RM-1090

We knew that Microsoft is ditching the Nokia brand in favour of its own name, and now we get to see what the company’s first Microsoft branded phone looks like. Meet the RM-1090.

The handset has popped up at the US FCC and in China, coming with a 5-inch quarter HD display, dual SIM capabilities, and 3G. Clearly it’s not going to be taking on the likes of the iPhone, which seems to be Microsoft’s strategy at the moment.

The only real differences from recent Nokia Lumias are the change in logos. The Microsoft brand name is under the speaker instead of Nokia, and we have a vertical logo on the back. Interestingly this phone is only Microsoft branded and there is no mention of the word Lumia.

Presumably RM-1090 the phone’s model name, and we’ll here the full name when Microsoft officially unveils the phone — probably sometime in the very near future.

Tom Pritchard

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