InCharge is the ultimate portable USB charging cable

For a lot of people carrying around a means to charge their phone is a fact of life, otherwise they wouldn’t make it through the day and still have phone power. Luckily InCharge makes carrying a charging cable around easier than ever.

With InCharge you should never really forget to carry around your charger either, because the cable snaps round your keys thanks to magnetic clasps and a bendable cable. Really that makes it ideal for carrying it out and about.

It’s available in Lightning and micro USB variants so nobody is really left out (except maybe iPhone 4S users), and comes in a variety of different colours to suit your own style. Or possibly the colour of your phone.

While these type bendy magnetic cables do already exist, the thing that makes InCharge so great is how small it is. The whole thing is only 1.5-inches long and a mere 7mm wide, which means it’s not going to get in the way and it’s not going to accidentally get tangled in your pocket. Another bonus is that if you’re an iPhone users, InCharge appears to be much cheaper (and flexible) than similarly sized lightning cables.

The creators of the InCharge originally wanted $20,000 (£12,562) to fund production, and they’ve so far managed to raise nearly $155,000 (£97,600) on Indiegogo. So you’re pretty much guaranteed to get the by-product of this crowdfunding campaign. They only cost $9 (£6) each as well, with delivery set for next month.

Tom Pritchard