FCKH8 has released a follow-up to its ‘F-Bombs for Feminism’ video

The original ‘F-Bombs for Feminism’ was pretty controversial, given that it featured young girls dressed as princesses spouting more swearwords than your average episode of South Park. The original was one of the most-watched ads in October, and is nominated for ‘Most Shareable Video’ in this year’s ShinyShiny awards. So it’s no surprise that there’s a follow-up.

Rather than covering the general topic of inequality (and why it’s far more offensive than the word ‘fuck’), Part 2 tackles the issue of violence against women and adds fake injuries to the girls’ appearance for dramatic effect. The girls in the video seem well aware that the video is probably going to cause a storm again, and pre-emptively defend the foul language:

“Got a problem looking at my fake, fucked-up face? Isn’t one out of four women beaten the real disgrace? Quit bitching about us saying ‘fuck,’ and do something about it.”

The video ends with adult FCKH8 employees promoting their link of vests that they’re calling ‘not-a-wife-beater shirts’ that are being sold on the FCKH8 online store for $15 (£9.50), with 100% of the profits going to domestic violence charities that will be voted on through the organisation’s Facebook page.

Check out the video below.

Tom Pritchard