Facebook introduces Say Thanks, a video-based thank you card system

You know when someone does you a favour, or buys you a present, and you feel obligated to do more than just say thank you? In the past you might have sent a card, or even a letter or email expressing your gratitude. As of today, you can send someone a special video via Facebook.

It’s essentially a system that lets you thank any friend you need to thank in the form of a video. Thank them for watching your cat, thank them for the birthday present, or thank them for sending you a Say thanks video. Whatever you feel like really.

All you do is select a friend, theme, and a number of photos that you happen to be in together before sharing it to your timeline. Its displayed for the world to see and they get tagged in it so they know exactly what’s going on.

The feature has launched today on the Facebook mobile app and in your browser. It’ll include a video recording console and a share button, which is relatively simple but I suppose it’s all you need to get the job done. Luckily it’s also been released just in time for Christmas.

Tom Pritchard

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