You can’t buy Fitbit devices in the Apple Store anymore

A little while back Fitbit announced that it had no plans to integrate its fitness trackers with Apple’s Healthkit, and this led to rumours that Apple would be removing Fitbit devices from its stores. Turns out that rumour was true.

You can see for yourself by trying to search for Fitbit on the Apple Store website, and you won’t find a thing. It’s unclear what the underlying reason for the removal is, it could be that Apple isn’t happy promoting a company that refuses to integrate with its own architecture, or it could be that Apple is pre-emptively severing ties with any Apple Watch competition before the device launches next year.

It’s not the first time this has happened, Bose products were recently pulled from the app store and many people guessed that it was due to Apple’s purchase of Beats.

But if you want a Fitbit, there are plenty of other retail outlets than will sell one of its trackers to you. But if you had your heart set on buying it from the Apple alongside your new iPhone then you’re out of luck.

Tom Pritchard