Twitpic may have died, but the archives will live on… Just owned by Twitter

Twitpic is done, it closed over the weekend thanks to trademark dispute between it and the people from Twitter. But fear not, the service itself may be dead but the archives have been purchased by Twitter, meaning your old Twitpic account will live on — albeit in a read-only format.

So what does this mean? For starters it means you’ll no longer be able to upload new images to Twitpic itself, nor will you be able to download the app from iTunes or Google Play. But thanks to a last minute deal with Twitter the service is not entirely dead, more in a state of limbo.

So for the time being Twitter own the Twitpic domain and the archive, which has the advantage of keeping the archives online for the immediate future. So while you may have to find another service  to upload new photos you can still log in to Twitpic and view everything you posted there, and download your entire archive for safe keeping.

It’s a little bit sill crazy that Twitpic has had to shut down over such an arbitrary reason, a trademark that was filed back in 2008, but these things do happen and at least this way it works out in favour of Twitpics dedicated userbase.

Tom Pritchard