Ted Baker Audio launches stylish new radio

Iconic British fashion brand Ted Baker has launched an elegant radio as part of the Ted Baker Audio range.

Named the FINISTERRE, the radio is Bluetooth-enabled, meaning it can connect to digital devices in order to play users’ music, and the sound quality is pretty good too, especially coming from a fashion brand. It’s also impressively equipped to receive DAB and DAB+ broadcasts as well as traditional FM, allowing users to tune into international radio stations along with regional ones. Made from luxury materials including brushed aluminium and real leather, this is a beautiful piece of equipment – although with a price tag to match, at £199.99.

There’s also a handy 3.5mm stereo line-in cable and 3.5mm stereo headphone out for other audio sources, as well as a USB for firmware updates, a ‘sleep’ function, and a clock and alarm with snooze.

The FINISTERRE joins other bespoke items in the Ted Baker Audio collection, including comfortable, stylish over-ear headphones (ROCKALL), high-performance in-ear headphones (DOVER), and a Bluetooth speaker (FASTNET), all named after places in the British Isles.

FINISTERRE comes in two different colours, and is available from www.tedbakeraudio.com.


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Sadie Hale