A Russian politician wants to ban Tim Cook from the country

Yesterday Tim Cook publicly revealed that he was gay, a move that has been praised by numerous people across the world. There is, however, one many in Russia who seeks to ban Cook from the country because of his newly public sexuality.

Vitaly Milonov is a politician with a very strong anti-gay stance, and is attributed to be one of the major factors behind the country’s opposition to what it refers to as ‘gay propaganda’.Not long after Cook’s announcement went public, Milonov declared that the man should be banned from entering Russia.

Speaking to FlashNord Milonov said:

“What could he bring us? The Ebola virus, AIDS, gonorrhoea? They all have unseemly ties over there. Ban him for life.”

He later added that Cook’s decision was “a shrewd political move”, and that by going public he would “improve [Apple’s] sales.”

Poe’s Law definitely comes into effect here, because it’s impossible to tell whether these were serious words or the fabrications of a satirical news source. Both seem likely.

Tom Pritchard

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