It’s possible to use Apple Pay internationally, here’s how

On Monday Apple Pay, Apple’s mobile payment system, was launched in the US and allows users to pay for various goods and services with their phones. It has yet to officially launch internationally, but MacRumours has discovered that it is possible to use Apple Pay outside of the US.

It’s not something everyone is going to be able to do, because the process relies on you having a US based credit card in order to work. So unless you have an American credit card, and an American home address to go with it, you’re out of luck.

But say you do, or maybe you have a relative or friend from America that is letting you use their card. If that’s the case then all you have to do is set your home country as the USA and you’re good to go. Any contactless payment terminals should, in theory, accept Apple Pay payments. Of course, it being international card use might end up with the bank/credit card company slapping on a few extra charges.

At the moment this is virtually no use to people over here who can’t wait to get their hands on Apple Pay, but it does mean that hen Apple Pay does officially launch in the UK (assumed to be sometime next year) we should be able to use it abroad just like any other credit card.

Tom Pritchard