A new feature will tell you if a used iPhone is stolen

iPhones are incredibly popular, and like other popular things there is a demand for them that leads to people resorting to crime in order to take advantage. But how do you know if a second hand iPhone is stolen? A new iCloud tool from Apple will now tell you.

All you need to do is head over to Apple’s Activation Lock page and enter the phone’s IMEI number. If you’re the rightful owner you’ll receive info on how to remove the activation lock before you sell. If you’re a buyer you’ll be shown how to remove the previous account, provided you have the previous owner’s permission.

Why should you care whether its stolen or not? Well the thing about stolen goods is that the rightful owner usually wants to get them back, and with the dawn of tools like remote locking and Find My iPhone it means that owners can take action that will see you with a phone that isn’t usable. Many stolen phones also use a system called doulCi, which bypasses iCloud activation on stolen handsets but prevents them from connecting to a mobile network.

So if you’re worried about your iPhone being stolen and losing it’s functionality just check it there. It’s a lot better than ending up with an expensive iPod.

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Tom Pritchard