Would you buy a fridge to keep your makeup fresh?

What do you think the pink appliance above might be used for? To keep your cupcakes fresh? To keep your candy crunchy? To make sure Hello Kitty’s beverages are always really really chilled? Wrong, wrong, wrong, this is a makeup fridge and apparently they’re totally a massive thing over in Korea.

According to Refinery 29, makeup fridges are the must-have beauty accessory over in Korea, but will the trend spread across the globe? Well, if BB cream is anything to go by then the answer is a resounding hell yes, but will us Brits really be willing to store our mascara next to our milk?

Well some of the opinions online are interesting. Many suggest that Koreans are much more invested in their skincare regimes and beauty products than we are in the UK, so maybe it’s a cultural difference that means forking out for a new appliance just to keep cosmetics fresh doesn’t seem absurd as it does to us Brits, as we still cling onto our cheap Rimmel concealer and 17 shiny lip gloss from a decade back. And of course, there’s a huge difference in climate – our houses are probably cooler than our fridges for 80% of the year anyway, so worrying about things melting just aren’t on our radars.

But what about the benefits? Well, ask Google about whether cold makeup really leads to better preserved products and the results are a little conflicting. The general consensus is that lower temperatures will ensure products last a little longer, which is important if you take the shelf life of your cosmetics seriously (some mascaras are only ‘officially’ good for a few months!). However, this piece from Huffington Post suggests it’s not all that important. The only reason storing things next to the cheese makes sense is it could make us more likely to plaster on the products when we’re feeling warm – there’s nothing quite as satisfying as ice cold after sun, right?

So what do you think? Keen to treat your mascara like an icy queen and buy her a fridge-shaped palace? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Main image from Amazon, where you can buy this fridge for $169.99.


Becca Caddy