The LG G Watch R is being released on 14th October… In South Korea

LG’s G Watch R blew people away at IFA, but LG were not very helpful in telling us when we would see the stunning round smartwatch on the wrists of the consumer. Now LG has confirmed the 14th October as the release date, provided you live in South Korea that is.

LG confirmed the news on its Korean blog, but was not helpful enough to mention when the rest of the world would be seeing the G Watch R. But if it’s available in South Korea then it shouldn’t be that long before we can get our hands on it in the UK. It’s annoying that it hasn’t told us when we’ll b able to get out hands on it, but at least we know that the watch is actually ready to be put in the hands of the consumer.

LG also revealed that the watch would cost 352,000 won, which roughly converts to £205. I should warn you that this price is not a definite for us. In fact, be expected to pay more than that because we should have to add in localisation costs like taxes. I would assume that £250 is the highest it might be, especially since the other round smartwatch available, the Moto 360, is only £199.

That’s all we know for now, but we’ll keep you updated if any more news pops up.

Tom Pritchard