Top Google Glass alternatives

Google Glass is an augmented reality headset made by the folks at Google. Functioning in the same way as a pair of glasses, Google Glass is thee to provide a smartphone-like experience without having to use your hands. You may be wondering what Google Glass actually does, and whether it’s worth having. Allow us to explain the ins-and-outs of the device, as well as showing you some of the alternatives that are available for you to buy.


1. So what can Google Glass do?

The main component of Google Glass is a small glass prism that’s attached to a body with is itself attached to a pair of glasses frames. The prism functions as a heads-up-display (HUD) that shows you everything that you’re doing. The body itself is also home to a five mega pixel camera. Glass can be used to surf the internet, check and send email, take photos, record video, and get GPS directions. There are also a selection of apps including Evernote, Path, Facebook, and Twitter with more being released all the time.

Like smartwatches Glass can also be used to receive from your smartphone, and while it can’t negate the need for a phone completely, it can complement your smartphone is a similar way.

Google Glass can be purchased directly from Google for £1,000.

Tom Pritchard