Google Fit has launched on the Play store

Originally announced at Google’s I/O in June, the Google Fit app is designed to take on the likes of Apple’s Health Kit and Samsung’s S Health by using your smartphone’s sensors to monitor your activity.

That’s not all since Fit can also connect with third-party gadgets, like Android Wear devices, and apps such as Runkeeper, Noom, and so on. Essentially that means that you can use various different apps and services to record your activity and have it all visualised in one place: the Fit app. Fit will also allow you to set your own goals, and will offer personalised recommendations on what you can do to achieve them, a bit like a personal trainer but not as costly.

One issue is that unless you have connected a third-party device that is capable of measuring your heart rate then Fit has no way of knowing what it is, meaning you have to enter it manually if you want to include it in the visualisation of your data.

The Fit app is available, free, from Google Play right now, and can also be accessed on the web here.

Tom Pritchard