EE sells more Eagle tablets than iPads

The iPad is, without a doubt, one of the most popular tablet brands out there, primarily because it’s such a well known name. Despite that it’s a very different story at EE, because it turns out that the networks own Eagle tablet is the most popular tablet it sells.

The tablet, which is made by Huawei, has reportedly seen strong demand during Q3 of 2014, which is hardly surprising given that it costs a mere £200.

There isn’t much to go on as to why this might be the case, Apple has reported that iPad sales have dwindled recently because people are not upgrading their tablets as often as they would with a phone. Plus iPads, even the iPad Minis, are a lot more expensive than a lot of tablets.

On a similar note there are much more obvious places to go out and buy an iPad from without having to visit the networks, something that likely played a part. The Eagle, on the other hand, is an EE exclusive.


Tom Pritchard