The days of two Sony flagships a year may be over

If you’ve been paying even a minuscule amount of attention to Sony’s release schedule you’ll have noticed that this year saw two flagship phones released six months apart, the Xperia Z2 and the Xperia Z3. Last year it was the Xperia Z and the Xperia Z1. That might be about to change after the launch of the Z4.

According to DigiTimes Sony is going to be following in the footsteps of Apple and will only release one new phone a year. It’s just as well really, the only major difference between this year’s models is the fact that the Z3 runs a more recent version of Android. It’s thought that this decision comes from reviewing sales estimates.

It’s a little bit of a strange move, especially since most Android manufacturers release multiple phones every year to keep their hands on the market. The only difference is that they tend to be very different models, take the enormous differences between the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 for instance.

We don’t know when the Xperia Z4 will be released, but rumours indicate it may be in the first half of next year.You can read up on the phone’s rather impressive rumoured hardware here.

Tom Pritchard