Apple accidentally leaked details on the new iPads

Usually leaks for new devices come from anonymous sourced within a company, or workers within the manufacturing divisions where the devices are actually being made. It’s not usually the company itself, which makes this all the more embarrassing for Apple since someone posted parts of the user manual for the new iPads on iTunes last night.

The ‘iPad User Guide for iOS 8‘ on iTunes has explicitly mentioned both the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3, showcasing both of them with TouchID sensors. There are also mentions of both devices having cameras capable of taking photos in a burst-mode. The offending screenshots are now gone, but you can see the general idea of what was included above.

The manual doesn’t give much away, meaning that it’s probably a draft version that some hopeless sap published by accident. Then again it could be a deliberate attempt  to throw us off ready for this evening’s announcement, but that doesn’t really seem like Apple’s style. It could also be the company attempting to steal some thunder away from Google’s announcement of the Nexus 6 and 9.

That also doesn’t seem like a very Apple thing to do, and it seems that somebody might end up getting fired. In any case we’re likely to see what the new iPads have to offer in much greater detail this evening.

Tom Pritchard