Our 8 favourite running shoes for Autumn/Fall 2014

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If you’re a seasoned runner but desperately need some new kicks to improve your performance and give your image a bit of a colour-popping, neon boost as winter draws in, then today’s buying guide is for you. On the other hand, if you didn’t catch the running bug over summer because you were too busy outdoor drinking and holiday-ing, then GET MOVING! Autumn is the perfect time of year to perfect a workout routine. It’s still warmish enough to not leave your ears feeling frostbitten and you can jog around near of all those totally Instagrammable orange trees that fashion bloggers are always banging on about and posing beside.

So whether you run most days already or need to kickstart a routine, we’ve collected together our 10 favourite running shoes for Autumn 2014, so you’ve got no excuse to not workout in those beautiful orange leaves (or, let’s be honest, gross muddy puddles).

Still a bit stumped about what to look for? Check out our guide how to buy a high-end running shoe for some top tips.


Asics: Gel Noosa Fast 2, £70

Asics has amped up its Gel Noosa range with three loud, neon designs built for lightweight running with a barefoot experience. They’re a great pair of shoes for seasoned runners, but they are designed especially for triathletes because they’re light enough for running and cycling, don’t require much effort to get them on after a tough swim and have a great grip on the outsole for when you make transitions. Don’t let that put you off if you’re keen to try a barefoot-style shoe though, you don’t HAVE to be a triathlete!

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Adidas: Pure Boost Shoes, £95

These marshmallow-style running shoes are billed as being ultra light, but they’ve also got a special kind of ‘boost’ sole, which basically means they’re cushioned and bounce your feet back into the air again once you’ve struck the floor. Adidas has replaced all of its standard EVA foam soles with the new thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material, which you’d usually find in the dashboards of BMWs. Oh, and they also come in white and black if you can’t handle this sickly sweet shade.

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Asics: Gel Kayano 20 Lite Show, £140

Designed especially for women, these running shoes from Asics come in a range of versions to match the way you run, which means they’re a firm favourite of many runners who want cushioning and flexibility. So, if you’re prone to rolling your feet inwards or tend to roll them outwards then you can get the right pair to match your feet. The shoes are ultra light, but they’re packing a 2-layered sole, which will make your run feel much more cushioned. This is a great pair for running throughout Autumn as the nights and mornings get a littler darker, because it’s got reflective details all around it.

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skechers-running-shoesSkechers: GORun Ride 3, £74

When I see the Skechers brand I rarely think of serious running shoes, but the GORun range has proved to be a hit among beginners and amateur runners alike. It’s ultra-light and described as a ‘transition shoe’ for those after a more barefoot experience who have long chosen much chunkier designs. You may wonder why not just go straight from your current shoes to barefoot-style ones, but without a lot of work and strengthening exercises, it can be much harder than you think.

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Under Armour: UA Speedform XC, £85

Part of Under Armour’s Speedform range, these XC shoes are a mixture between lightweight and breathable and cushioned and tough enough to survive trails. It’s hard not to feel a lot of love for the Under Armour brand after its inspiring and sensational ‘I Will What I Want’ ad with Misty Copeland.

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Vivo Barefoot: Ladies One, £80

We love the Vivo Barefoot brand, because it produces a huge range of shoes to mimic the barefoot running experience, whether you’re after a serious running shoe or just want something to do yoga in now and again. Well the One aims to be the ultimate shoe for whatever you like doing, built for the road, your home and the gym. What a little over-achiever! You’ll need to ease your feet into barefoot running to get the most from your One shoes and not bring about any injuries, but luckily Vivo Barefoot provides you with all kinds of guidance, how-to videos and support along the way to make sure you’re comfortable and your tootsies are safe.

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Saucony: Triumph 11, £115

The Triumph 11’s midsole is made from something the Saucony brand calls POWERGRID (yes, in ALL CAPS). This is a kind of premium foam that’s really lightweight but also protects your foot when it strikes the ground, so the Triumph is a great shoe for all levels of runners. It’s another option that’s ideal as the nights and mornings get a little darker because it’s got reflective screen prints running all around the edge.

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Nike: Flyknit Lunar2, £135

These Flyknit Lunar2 runners from Nike are engineered entirely from ‘knitted’ polyester yarn in a one-piece layer over the entire shoe. As you can maybe tell from the photo above, the yarn is woven tightly in places where you need more support and its looser in areas that need flexibility, giving you a shoe that’s designed especially for feet that like to workout. The sole is light and foam-y, but tough enough to withstand running on concrete.

Becca Caddy