10 beautiful and innovative lights for your home

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As winter slowly creeps in, making our nights darker and our houses (and minds) gloomier, it’s important to fill your home and office spaces with as much light as possible. The right lights can improve your mood, make you more productive and leave you feeling warm and cosy with a soft glowing bulb, or wide awake with a bright white one.

Lights aren’t just nice-to-have afterthoughts when it comes to designing happy, cosy, winter-friendly interiors; a good set of lights can really bring a room to life, adding some softness and sparkle to it and not to mention cheering you up a bit when everything seems a bit doom and gloom in the depths of winter.

We’ve found a selection of beautiful and tech-smart light sets to inspire you:

notti collage

1. Notti smart light, Kickstarter

This app-controlled light is aesthetically lovely and has been combined with smart technology. You can set it to turn on as you wake up, pulsate in different colours to music, and provide email, app and social media notifications. You can also select your favourite shades from a vast colour palette to suit every moon.

The creators of Notti have already easily reached their Kickstarter goal, with pledges exceeding the required $5,000 mark by almost $35,000 – so you can safely expect to see it delivered in 2015.

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book lamp

2. Book rest lamp, £40, Urban Outfitters 

This quirky lamp by Suck UK for Urban Outfitters gives out a soft yellow light, which is perfect for reading in bed. And if you’re not a bookmark or page-folding kind of person, simply mark your place this way with the lamp’s specially-designed triangular top.

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lamp tree

3. Tree scene touch pad lamp, £12.99, The Range

The sophistication of this lamp from The Range belies its affordable price. Its design is sleek and slim, measuring just 12cm in diameter and 29cm tall. The bare tree design is perfect for winter too!

It also features a touch pad with three options, allowing it to be dimmed and brightened according to the mood you want to set.

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philips lamps


4. Philips Friends of Hue LED mood lights, £129.95 for starter kit, John Lewis

These innovative lights from Philips really set the tone of a room by tinting it in an incredible range of soft colours – and they incorporate some smart tech, too. They can also be controlled remotely, or programmed to respond to music and give off alarms, sounds and alerts at various times of the day. All this is done via an app on your phone and a wireless connection.

Watch the video below to see them in action.

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tetris lamp

5. Tetris lamp, £40, Urban Outfitters

Another suitably hip number from Urban Outfitters! For any colour-lover out there, this bright Tetris-inspired lamp makes a great bedside companion. It’s made up of individual Tetris pieces which stack together, and the lamp switches off when you take them apart.

It’s mains-powered so no need to worry about batteries, either.

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lamps collage

6. Bamboo lamp with iPhone holder, £63.59, Etsy

This striking handmade lamp is made of bamboo and features a handy holder for your iPhone as well.

It’s perfect for living rooms or bedrooms, allowing you to put your phone somewhere safe while reading.

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edge light

7. Tibo Lighting Edge light, Kickstarter

This bold, dramatic, eye-catching piece is currently on Kickstarter and has been developed in Montreal, Canada. Looking like a snazzy snowflake, Edge is flawlessly designed as well as being eco-friendly and dimmable.

They’re hoping to ship next year, so take a look – it hasn’t reached its goal yet!

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wooden bulb collage

8. Wooden light bulb lamp, £99.99, Iwantoneofthose

This oversized wooden light bulb lamp is a lovely twist on an old design, and is suitable for many different environments.  As the website states, ‘its versatility allows you to hang it from the ceiling or lay it on its side, dependant on the room and space you use it in.’

A standard lightbulb hangs inside, while the laser-cut wood creates a waffle-shaped shadow wherever it’s placed.


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wire lamp

9. Wire ball lamp, £55, The Olive Tree Shop

This gorgeous and unusual lamp could fit a variety of rooms in the house. It is made up of fine but sturdy wire mesh which encases a string of delicate lights, giving it a soon-to-be-appropriate festive vibe.

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10. Snow dust lampshade, Designboom

The snow dust lampshade was designed by Olga Kravchenko as part of a a series of products that are designed to look good when dust settles on them. The result is this complex, dust-toting contraption, and I have to say it’s quite beautiful in the aesthetics department.



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