Sony’s waterproof headphones come with a control ring

One of the key features of Sony smartphones is that pretty much all of the recent ones are waterproof, and can last a decent chunk of time under the surface of the wet stuff, and it seems it isn’t stopping there with the Ws610, a set of waterproof headphones that come with their own remote control-ring.

It’s worth noting that these don’t need to be connected to your phone to work properly since they do come with their own storage for you to store music, or audio books, of whatever you want to listen to when you’re in the water. They can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth and NFC, but you probably shouldn’t be swimming with your phone anyway.

They’re designed to be kept above the 6ft mark, so you probably wont want to take these diving but they will be perfect for swimming a few lengths in the local swimming pool. The remote is also a major advantage because it can be controlled with your thumb without having to look, meaning you don’t have to break stride because a song you’re not that into has started playing. It also has the obvious advantage of not having controls by your ears, so you don’t have to go fiddling to get something done.

Prices for the Ws610 start at £130, and you can get hold of them in three colours with 4GB or 16GB of storage. They’re supposed to run for a good seven hours without needing a charge, and have a fast charging system so that three minutes of charging will keep them powered for a good hour.

Tom Pritchard