Phillips’ 4K, Android-powered, curved TV is gloriously over the top

The bigger a TV the better it is, everyone knows that, but what do you do when you get to the stage where TVs are so big that making them any bigger would mean they don’t fit in people’s living rooms anymore? Simple, you keep them the same size and start throwing in the extra features. The Phillips 8909 is the perfect example of that.

The TV itself is 55-inches which, let’s face it, is pretty big, so Phillips didn’t have much of an option but to throw in a whole host of cool features to try and give people an incentive to fork over enormous wads of cash and buy one of their own. Not only is it capable of displaying 4K resolution and 1,000 Hz images, it’s also powered by Android 4.2.2, and has a three sided AmbiLight backlighting system. Oh and it’s curved, because curved TVs are the new gimmick after people realised 3D was overpriced and painful on the eyes.

All the cool features are all well and good, but how much is the damn thing going to cost? Well, the answer is we just don’t know because Phillips hasn’t told anyone. Sadly with all this it’s probably going to be many thousands of pounds. [Phillips via Gizmodo UK]


Tom Pritchard