Dyson has revealed the 360 Eye, its first robotic vacuum

Robot vacuum cleaners have been around for a while but they’ve not really been that effective, and a quick hoover round the house is generally a lot better at keeping the place relatively clean. Well now Dyson has entered the market with its own robot vacuum, the 360 Eye, you can probably expect them to get quite a bit better. Read the full guide to robot vacuum cleaners. 

Designed to directly compete with the likes of Roomba’s iRobot, the 360 Eye comes with a 360 degree camera that allow it to keep track of its surroundings more effectively and work out which areas need to be cleaned next, and has a tank style-treads made from corrugated rubber that allow it to keep traction on any surface without causing any damage.

The Dyson 360 Eye is one of the best robot vacuums equipped with Dyson’s Digital Motor V2 and can spin at 78,000 rpm thanks to digital pulse technology. Dyson claims that not only does the 360 Eye have the most powerful motor of any robot vacuum, it’s also capable of capturing even the smallest particles like pollen and mould.

If all that wasn’t enough to satisfy your inner laziness, it does come with a mobile app called Dyson Link which allows you to control your robot and schedule times its supposed to start work. The app can also be used to download software updates so you don’t have to go to any extra effort.

Sadly all the extra features does mean that the 360 Eye is quite big and won’t be able to navigate underneath your sofa, but it’s not like anyone ever really checks under them anyway.

So if you’re too lazy, or too busy, to vacuum your place as often as it should be,a robot could be a worthy purchase — and the 360 Eye doesn’t sound like it would be a bad one to choose. We don’t have any word on pricing, or a UK release, but it will go on sale in Japan early next year. [TechSpot]



Tom Pritchard


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