Don’t fall for online rumours, the iPhone 6 can’t be charged in a microwave

People on the internet love to be malicious, and messing with the ignorance of phone users is one of their favourite past-times. When iOS 7 launched the rumour was spread that the software would make devices waterproof, and now it’s the return to a classic — that the iPhone 6 can be charged by putting it in the microwave.

The ‘prank’ originated on 4Chan and promises that the iPhone 6 has a new function called ‘Apple Wave’ which is an automatic function that will convert microwaves into energy and recharge the phone’s batteries. If that sound familiar, it’s because the same hoax was perpetrated a few years back and people apparently did fall for it.

Of course anyone with a knowledge of basic physics will know that this isn’t possible and at best you’ll end up with a charred, broke, iPhone 6. At worst it could blow up your microwave.

So don’t fall for online hoaxes everyone, the only way to charge your iPhone is to actually plug it in in the same way that you’e had to do for years.

Tom Pritchard