Dataminr for News is a Twitter tool for breaking news in real-time

Twitter is just about the only social network that is good for sourcing information in real-time, but with the sheer amount of tweets that are being sent it can be difficult to make sense of them all. Dataminr for News is a new tool that allows journalists to identify breaking news stories when they occur on Twitter.

Available through Tweetdeck integration, and via a mobile app, Dataminr highlights important stories from Twitter, adding context and location data to the event as more information becomes available.

Initially it was trialled by new network CNN, and now it’s being used by the likes of the BBC, USA Today, and many more news rooms across the world.

With 500 million tweets being sent every day, the ability to filter through it all and find the important information is an essential tool for journalists and news organisations everywhere. Especially since a lot of people’s first instinct when something happens is to go onto social media and talk about it.


Tom Pritchard