Apple might be rebranding Beats Music

Yesterday saw reports that Apple might be ditching the Beats Music streaming service altogether, with no real explanation why. Today Apple has clarified its position on Beats Music, stating that the rumours it would be closing the service are not true, but it will be making changes to the Beats Music brand.

Speaking to Re/code an Apple spokesperson, and other sources, said that Beats Music isn’t going anywhere. Apple itself may be implementing changes to the brand over time, but it currently has no plans to exit the music streaming industry.

Currently Beats Music is only available in the US, and any plans to shut it down would have meant that the rest of the world didn’t get to try it out and would be stuck with the likes of Spotify and Pandora. I know, what a disaster that would be.

Beats Music only has around 250,000 subscribers, so it could be that Apple focus on fixing that somehow. Whether that means a total re-brand or international availability, we don’t know. What the company’s plans are are unknown, and we can only speculate on what its intentions might be. A few details on what was happening in the future would have been nice, but Apple is fairly secretive. It’s a bit of a miracle that they actually outright denied that Beats Music was being shut down.


Tom Pritchard

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