Another iOS 8 bug could end up deleting your iCloud files

Cloud storage is wonderful since it takes all the thinking out of backing up your stuff, but it does have the issue of not being as secure and reliable as backing files up on an external hard drive. As the recent iCloud breach should have told you, the cloud isn’t very secure and is prone to bugs that could cause you to lose everything. iCloud is no exception.

iOS 8 is no stranger to bugs, and it’s even more of a problem now that Apple has removed iOS 7 from iTunes. Users from the Mac Rumours forums are reporting that the ‘Reset All Settings’ feature in iOS 8 is taking it a bit far by deleting files from iCloud Drive.

According to the text next to the feature, ‘Reset All Settings’ is supposed to revert all settings back to the factory defaults whilst leaving media and data alone. Despite that people are still finding that iWork data is being deleted from the device and iCloud. Oddly only iWork applications seem to be affected as Mac Rumours discovered when it tested the bug for itself.

So if you were planning on activating iCloud Drive you might want to wait for Apple to release a patch to fix the bug. Hopefully this will get fixed in iOS 8.0.3 without bricking your devices in the process.

Tom Pritchard

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