Adidas miCoach partners with MyFitnessPal: A fitness & nutrition match made in heaven

The team behind the Adidas miCoach training platform will soon be teaming up with popular nutrition app MyFitnessPal. This new partnership will allow users to send important fitness data from Adidas’ programme and tracking device through to the MFP app, providing them with more in-depth insights about how their activity levels correlate with their nutrition.

It’s not surprising news given MyFitnessPal works alongside a range of wearables and tracking apps and gadgets already, but this particular partnership does seem like a match made in heaven, with Adidas bringing its fitness tracking and coaching tech to the table and MyFitnessPal providing best-in-class journalling features and food-logging.

As well as announcing its new tie-in with MyFitnessPal, Adidas miCoach has also unveiled a new app today, which is aimed at helping its users set fitness goals and commit to longer term exercise plans. Many services and devices integrate these kind of tracking and goal-setting features already, but we imagine they’ll be more successful than ever when added into the miCoach experience considering it’s aimed at those who are more serious about fitness rather than those who just want to track steps and workout occasionally.

Becca Caddy