Want to spontaneously try aerial trapeze? Viva la Vita is the app for you!

It can be really hard to find the time to exercise in London. With long commutes, and long hours at work, the last thing you generally want to do is head out to the gym. A new app Viva la Vita gives you the ability to spontaneously pick a gym class when you want, working by distance, meaning you can give up that gym membership you never use!

Having launched on iPhone earlier this week, Viva la Vita features 10 – 15 classes in a handpicked shortlist of the best fitness classes happening today, tomorrow, and the rest of the week in London. Once booked in a few taps, the ticket is stored within the application and used as a reference and admittance.

The idea of the app is to give users the chance to try something completely new exercise-wise, so the classes that Viva la Vita has available to users aren’t your normal BLT or Circuits classes. There’s a choice of kayaking, ravercise, boxing and even aerial trapeze.

28-year-old entrepreneurs Styliana Vasili and Konstantinos Aristotelous, curated the app after trying out these alternative classes they’d never heard of before.

Konstantinos said: “After some searching, I discovered an amazing class on Krav Maga, which is an Israeli martial art employing various defence techniques. It’s taught to the Israeli military so it’s
quite hardcore but incredibly enjoyable!”

While this app sounds great, sort of like a Yplan for gym classes, I can’t help but think the novelty will wear off, and the fact that I’m not paying for my gym membership anymore will stop giving me the motivation to exercise regularly. I’m definitely interested in trying aerial trapeze though!

Viva la Vita is available for download now on the App Store.

Hayley Minn