Snapchat could soon make money from disappearing news

Snapchat has well and truly changed our mobile habits for good with its ephemeral messaging app. But the big question everyone’s asking now is: how will it make any money? Although your cat selfies and witty one-liners may be fun for you and your mates, they don’t really present the team behind the app with a viable business model.

Well according to reports this week from The Wall Street Journal and Engadget, disappearing chunks of news and self-destructive ads could be what turns this selfie and sexting app into a money-making machine with a new service called Snapchat Discovery.

The ads will probably be quite self-explanatory (and not to mention irritating if they’re not targeted), but it’s the idea of ephemeral news that’s got tech insiders and the media talking today. Reports suggest Snapchat has already started talking to content providers about the possibility of teaming up for short, snappy video news delivery.

Unfortunately for dedicated users, the first content provider Snapchat has reportedly made inroads with is the Daily Mail. Woo, news about Kim Kardashian’s ‘belfies’ and how a successful actress has poured her curves into a dress at 8am, just what we needed!

Becca Caddy