The QBracelet charges your phone: Finally a wearable that does something useful!

After strapping the 10th gadget to my wrist this week in as many days, I’m starting to become a bit disillusioned by the whole ‘wearable revolution.’ It’s not that finding out how many steps I’ve taken, miles I’ve travelled or goals I’ve smashed isn’t an awesome nod to how far tech has come in recent years. It’s just that I’m not sure I really care.

Well, enter the QBracelet. It may look like a piece of jewellery from the Aztec times (but that whole look is in now, right?) but it’s a wearable that does something useful. Something practical. Something we all whine and complain about every single day. It charges up our gadgets when we’re on the move.

According to Cool Hunting, the QBracelet is the creative masterpiece of Alessandro Libani and James Kernan who together have formed the company Q Designs. It’s a love story as old as time, Kernan had a great idea and a love for tech, Libani had a love for tech and an interest in fashion. Fast-forward through months of prototypes and the QBracelet was born.

At 1.8oz it’s lightweight and can juice your iPhone up by roughly 60% (although that’ll depend each time you use it). It comes in a range of colours, like silver, gold, brushed black and matte black, which genuinely look quite cool, like big, statement pieces of arm candy. The bracelets are surprisingly not just iPhone-centric either, you can buy one with a Micro-USB or Apple Lightning Connector depending on which handset you have.

Pre-order a QBracelet (or just a ‘Q’, which sounds much catchier) for $79.99 from QDesigns.

What do you think? Big and unnecessary or stylish and useful? Let us know in the comments below.

Check out Cool Hunting for the full Q&A with the duo.

Becca Caddy