Mobile rumours: Three Xperia devices, LMP spotted on a Nexus tablet

The world of mobile news is scary and complicated, with rumours flying about all over the place about what the many different companies are planning on doing. If you don’t know what you’re looking for then chances are you won’t get very far, so to ease your burden here are some of today’s biggest mobile rumours.

1. Sony teases three Xperia devices for next week’s press event

Could Sony have three Xperia devices to show is next week? Well the rumour mill has said that it might in the past, and now Sony has teased three devices in a video that was uploaded to YouTube yesterday. The video clearly shows that Sony is interested in the young and “hip” market, by showing off 20-somethings skateboarding, cooking, and jumping into a pool. But the important part is that Sony flashed up a silhouette of three different devices

Despite the teaser, Sony has remained quiet about what it’s planning on revealing next week. Fortunately we don’t have all that long to wait. [CNET]

2. Android Lemon Meringue Pie has been spotted on a Nexus tablet

We already know about Android L, which some have dubbed “Lemon Meringue Pie”, but we have yet to see the fully fledged software in action. Well it appears that we have our first glimpse of a device running Android 5.0, apparently its an ASUS-built Nexus tablet (dubbed “News Nexus 7”). There’s not much we can glean from the screenshot above, but it appears that this build of LMP has been given the code name LRW50D. L standing for Lemon Meringue Pie, R being the code branch that the build came from, and W that indicates that it may have a Q3 2014 release date. 50 being the number of days into that quarter.

That’s all speculation for now, but we do know that Android L, whatever it ends up being called, will be released for the end of the year — it’s just nice to see that it appears to be going through the final stages of testing. [Ubergizmo]

Tom Pritchard

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