The iFootpath app wants to get Britain walking

Sure, maps apps are functional, but they tend to be impersonal. And when it comes to walking, especially in the countryside, you don’t want to know that you’ll need to turn south-east in 2.5 kilometres, you want to know that you turn left after the pub with the ceramic chickens outside. (Or whatever.)

The newly-released iFootpath app wants to recreate the experience of going for a walk with a guide book and/or knowledgeable friend. Aimed at UK residents and visitors alike, it features detailed directions, photography, local historical information, and tips, ratings, and comments from other users.

Five hundred different routes are available, from countryside hikes to city strolls. Co-founder Claire Sharp says, ‘We wanted to create a platform that made walking accessible, fun, educational and inspirational to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.’ Users can even create and share their own custom routes if they wish.

When you’re looking for a walk, you can filter the results by location or length. And there’s a section showing your progress thanks to a live satellite map. You won’t get access to all the features if you wander out of mobile range, but you can download guides in advance.

iFootpath costs £1.49 and is available for Android and iOS.

Diane Shipley